2016-03-27 48 8

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Sun 27 Mar 2016 in 48,8:
48.9946308, 8.6050404

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A forest next to a golf course near Wösslingen.




Go there by bull, continue my ride to Karlsruhe and come back by train.


Pretty much as planned. I couldn't start before 1 pm and I wanted to catch the 16:08-train from Karlsruhe (the train goes every two hours and the next train would have been much to late). I had to go 70 kilometers and so I had to hurry. That was a pity, as I love the landscape of the Kraichgau very much but hadn't much time to enjoy it. Anyway. I came near the hash after 50 kilometers at five to three. I found myself on a path between a golf course on my right hand and a forest, that was protected by a nearly impenetrable thicket on my left hand. On the path I came down to 7 m, but that wasn't enough. So I followed the path to find a way inside the forest, and after 20 m the thicket had an outlet, just big enough for me. So I entered the forest and walked back. A minute later I found myself at the hash, took some pictures, build a wooden X and walked back to the outlet.

10 minutes after I parked it, I unleashed the bull again and continued my way. Soon I reached the suburbs of Karlsruhe and I reached the station at 15:50. Time enough to buy a ticket and some food, and to heave the heavy bull into the train. So I arrived back home at 5 pm.


70KM of bull-riding. As I ran out of batteries, I couldn't track the train-ride.



DODO earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (48, 8) geohash on 2016-03-27.