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Sat 19 Mar 2016 in 47,8:
47.4639572, 8.4691540

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A garden right at the entrance of the village of Nassenwil, north of Zurich


Guga2112 (talk)


Since my new bike was finally ready for use and it was a sunny afternoon, I thought I finally inaugurate it. While deciding which route to follow, it came to my mind that I hadn't geohashed in ages, so I looked up where the has was. To my surprise, it fell approximately 7.5 km from my house, which made it a perfect goal for my inaugural ride.

The only "planning" involved was looking up on Google Maps how to get there by bike, since I only went there before by car and that road isn't always suitable for cycling.


I wanted to track the whole expedition with my phone, but the GPS was taking too long to get the signal and I had to get back home in a hour, so I just started pedaling. There's not much to say, except that the last part was quite steep and there were a lot of other cyclists taking me over and making me feel bad for my awful uphill cycling skills.

I was more or less 30 meters from the hashpoint when I noticed it fell inside the private garden of a vegetables wholesale or something like that. I didn't have time to go there and try to win an Ambassador achievement so I just accepted the fact that I was going to fail the expedition. Well, it's at least a No Trepassing consolation prize.


Sorry, no tracklog available.


Photos (actually, just photo) coming soon


Guga2112 (talk) earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost (30m) reaching the (47, 8) geohash on 2016-03-19.