2016-03-16 50 11

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Wed 16 Mar 2016 in 50,11:
50.9595294, 11.6909832

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On a meadow near Jenalöbnitz, on the banks of Löbnitzbach.



I missed three pretty easy points in the last two weeks because I was sick and couldn't cycle there, and today there was the fourth point of the too-close-to-miss-category and I finally felt I could go there. Yay! Back on my bike! The expedition itself was easy, and I even got home in the last bit of daylight, so this was a complete success.


Weird sky on the way there.  
Crossing Löbnitzbach to get to the point.  
Geohash reached!  
The point, and the washed out creek bed nearby.  
Davey sitting in the big hashtree.