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Tue 8 Mar 2016 in Regensburg:
49.9647426, 12.0361254

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Today's location is in a forest near Marktredwitz.

Country: Germany; state: Bayern (Bavaria, EU:DE:BY); Regierungsbezirk: Oberpfalz; district: Tirschenreuth

Weather: cloudy, varying between sunny and light snowing, 3°C



After meeting a friend in Pegnitz (and returning the skiing equipment that had been in my car since 2016-02-19), I took a route along country roads towards the hashpoint. The weather was sometimes sunny, sometimes clouded with light snowing that instantly melted on the ground. I passed towns that I had never heard the name of until after 50 minutes I stopped the car next to the forest near the hashpoint. First I walked along a small track and when that one disappeared I just walked through the sparce underbrush. Now and again I was able to follow a tiny trail for a while. One of these trails led me to a tiny bridge across the Kreuzweiher Bächl creek. It consisted of nothing more than a few logs, but it was very helpful. Across other, even tinier runlets I had to balance carefully. My way led me across a thick cover of moss and past small pathes of snow, until I reached the hashpoint after crossing an area of tiny conifers. It was in a small patch of snow, with a snow-free animal trail leading right across it.

I took pictures and built a small marker out of twigs. While I was doing that, a loud ruckus started, somewhere above me a large number of birds shouted. It sounded as if they were flying around above the treetops but I didn't see anything. Soon after, I walked back to the car. After driving through Marktredwitz, I came to the Autobahn A93 and continued towards the 50 13 hashpoint.

starting to walk at the car  
first obstacle on the trail  
a bridge just for me...  
...across the Kreuzweiher Bächl  
across the moss  
the hashpoint  
coordinates reached  
the internet was here  


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