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Thu 3 Mar 2016 in Fulda:
50.7356531, 9.3210446

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Today's location is in a forest near Alsfeld. Elevation ~426 m.

Country: Germany; state: Hessen (Hesse, EU:DE:HE); district: Vogelsbergkreis.

Weather: clouded



I was on my way from my parents' place to Dresden and since I didn't have a reason to go via Würzburg I took for the first time the route along the Autobahns A5 and A4 which is a bit shorter. The hashpoint near the A5 was a welcome distraction/rest on the long route. I left the A5 at the Alsfeld-East exit and only a few moments later parked the car next to the shooting range. From there I walked along the forest track towards the hashpoint. There were signs teaching about the forest along the way. When the track came near the edge of the forest I could see three deer on a nearby meadow. One looked in my direction for a while but then returned to grazing. There was also a picture frame suspended between two trees, framing a part of the landscape with wind engines in the distance. I left the track and went along a rudimentary trail that led up the hill. Suddenly I heard a noise and saw a wild boar further up that road. I was able to snap two pictures before it disappeared into the underbrush. Shortly afterwards I was almost at the hashpoint when two deer were running away. Then, after a small GPS dance, I was at the spot. I didn't stay long, only for a few pictures. When I walked back to the car, the deer weren't on the meadow anymore. After a short snack I continued my route to Dresden.

forest track  
the hashpoint  
coordinates reached  
this deer noticed something  
these didn't  
wild boar  
very realistic landscape scenery  
"Life under cover of the night"  


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