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Mon 29 Feb 2016 in 49,8:
49.2073451, 8.3392128

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It's near a shooting range, probably belonging to the Südpfalz-Kaserne nearby. I really don't now if it will be possible for me to get closer then about 150 metres (the rad nearby).


RecentlyChanged (talk)


I will take the S51 from Karlsruhe Kronenplatz at 6:01pm. One hour later I will be in Sondernheim. I then have to walk for maybe thirty minutes or more to the hash. So I will be there about 7:30pm or 8pm. After that I walk back and hope to be at the trainstation around 9 pm or I 'll have a problem getting home. Sadly my bike has to be repaired so I really have to walk these parts.


As planned I took the train at 6pm starting in Karlsruhe. Shortly after 7pm I arrived in Sondernheim. From there I walked through a clean city with small streets, then along the border of the barracks. Maybe I looked suspicious in my all black clothes, hadn't thought of that earlier, but I cared more about being seen by the passing cars. To have an accident was a more realistic situation, worthy of being avoided.

I walked then through the forest, crossing the big street. That would have been a nice place for the hash. But that one was a little bit further. Inside a forrest with a lot of signs telling me I really shouldn't enter. More exactly they said it is forbidden while there is training going on. But there were no indication of when training times are. first time in my life I really felt the limitations of google, I'm sure everything got filtered out regarding the schedules of the military in the area. Not even the local websites told you anything about it. The only thing I found was a real small note on a hiking advisors site, that you should only go there on weekend.

I still walked along the big street toward the hash. But I got scared by the lights I saw at the shooting range and additionaly I thought I hear shooting noises. I couldn't locate the shooting noises (if there were any at all, I only heard them two times and only inside the area I didn't felt very comfortable) so I really felt like being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

I left the area. Then I started to search again for the time schedule, but of course found nothing new. I thought a few times about trying again, but I very surely would have had to walk between the buildings where I saw light and I'm really a guy accepting rules. After I stood long enough on the site of the area I had a good reason to give up, because the last train I checked beforehand would depart less than 50 minutes later. So, with mixed feelings I left the area, I think about 200 metres away from the leap day achievement.

On the way back I took some more time looking at the gardens of the houses. They were all very fine. It surely is a neighborhood I never want to live in. Everything is looked up with beatuiful, but high fences, cold and calm. I probably wont have the money for such a neighborhood anyways. They even have a big room for the youth, were little kids watched TV on a really big screen, right next to a good looking billard table. Everything was good looking in that city. One family even had a really big treehouse with a medieval-castle-style tower! But of course everthing behind a big fence.

Now I'm stiting in the tram and I am really frozen through, because it rained a little bit and it was windy. I'm really glad when I'm back home and able to take a hot shower!



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