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Mon 29 Feb 2016 in 47,8:
47.2073451, 8.3392128

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A forest near Auw AG.



Leap Day Geohash 2016!

Depends on whether Chris 47 8 is available. If so, we might rent a car, otherwise it's the normal train method.

Déjà-vu! I have been there before! I prefer morning to go there, so i can go back to work in the afternoon. I think by train is fine. --Chris 47 8 (talk) 17:31, 26 February 2016 (EST)
And here I thought I was cool for being to the second-to-next village a week ago… Well, you can lead the way then. :P
Schedule proposed below. It's kind of a long way by train, so I suggested a somewhat early journey. Feel free to edit, this is a wiki after all and I've taken off the whole day. --Calamus 11:45, 27 February 2016 (EST)
That schedule looks perfect. So shall it be! See you at the head of track 8, 08:35. --Chris 47 8 (talk) 16:50, 27 February 2016 (EST)
Forecast predicts a hell lot of rain, don't forget to bring your umbrella! --Chris 47 8 (talk) 12:27, 28 February 2016 (EST)


  1. Chris: IC train leaving Winterthur 3 at 8.03pm.
  2. Meet at the head of Zurich 8 at 8.32.
  3. IR train leaving Zurich 8 at 8.35.
  4. S26 train leaving Rotkreuz 5 at 9.22.
  5. 347 bus leaving Sins at 9.32.
  6. Arrive in Auw, Oberdorf at 9.41.
  7. Walk.

You can't see it on Google Maps (and by extension, neither on the reference implementation), but the point is right on a path in the forest. So there should be a minimal amount of jungle-fighting at most.

I saw it on eupeodes, the path is on openstreetmap. Should be easy to reach. --Chris 47 8 (talk) 16:50, 27 February 2016 (EST)


Chris and Calamus had met at eight separate hashpoints before, but never had they actually embarked on an expedition together. This time, however, they had decided to make a combined attempt at achieving the illustrous Leap geohash achievement. Calamus had intended to claim it four years ago, but had been provented. They were about to correct this.

Chris took the train from his hometown to Zurich, where he met Calamus at the station. Both of them were more than a bit tired: Calamus had fought some political battles, and Chris had tried to teach skiing to Dutchwomen. Both of them had had their successes and failures, both were tired and sore, and both guzzled coffee à discrétion.

The way there took a while, and since the village of Auw wasn't exactly the capital of the world, they had to switch trains a few times, time which they used to catch up with each other. Once they reached Auw, they walked out of the village and into the forest.

<div">Auw sucks so hard, whenever I go there, I wear a hijab so nobody will talk to me.</div>
St. Bernarda

Auw is noted for its complete lack of notability whatsoever. It houses two thousand non-notable people, and the last somewhat noteworthy person who was born there (Saint Bernarda) left it in 1867, as soon as she was old enough to do so, and hid in a convent for twenty years before fleeing to Colombia in order to gain more distance to Auw. The last visit by a notable person had been three years ago when Chris had gone on an expedition to save the honour of the graticule.

Anyway, Chris and Calamus followed the path into the foggy woods and after some time found the hashpoint right next to it. Some birds had already discovered the hashpoint and decided to build a house there.

When they went back to the station, they were suddenly aware how far away Auw was from civilization: While they were accustomed to have busses leaving every seven minutes at least, the next bus leaving Auw was scheduled in more than an hour. With absolutely nothing to look at except for a weird rock formation in the next village (which was too far to reach in time), the two of them sat into the only open cafe and talked for a bit.

When the bus arrived, they went back via Sins (cold wait sins there was no cafe) and Lenzburg, completing the exact opposite journey Chris had made three years ago.



Chris_47_8 and Calamus earned the Leap geohash achievement 2016
by leaping to the hash point on leap day of the year 2016.