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Fri 19 Feb 2016 in Nürnberg:
49.8882346, 11.6570762

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Today's location is in a field near Hauendorf, not far from Entmannsberg and Bayreuth.

Country: Germany; state: Bayern (Bavaria, EU:DE:BY); district: Bayreuth rural district

Weather: clouded



In order to go skiing with friends, I first had to pick up one of those friends (including ski equipment) in Pegnitz. And after a long long time without any nearby/interesting/schedule-compatible hashpoints I was glad to find one not far off the route. Instead of leaving the Autobahn A9 at the Pegnitz exit, I already left it at the Bayreuth-South exit, then I followed the B22 federal road for a bit. At Lehen ("fief") I turned into a smaller country road and then I was already near the hashfield. There was a small patch of tarmac next to an intersection where I could park the car. There were already growing small plants (young corn?) in the field, so I first set out to walk around the field, with a small detour to a lake. While I was walking along the field's edge I saw five deer running across a field further away. They ran across the road that I had just taken, luckily there was no car at the time. Once I had walked halfway around the hashfield I carefully walked along one of the tire tracks where no plants were growing. It was very muddy. I had estimated well and the hashpoint was right on that tire track.

After the usual pictures I walked back to the edge of the field, getting even more mud all over my shoes. It was a bit difficult to get even the majority of the mud off. With only a short stop in the next village (there was a sign that advertised in-house-produced honey, but they were closed) I continued to Pegnitz. We put the skiing equipment in my car and drove to Oberstdorf. When I was walking into the newly-built appartment we had rented for the weekend, many lumps of dried mud fell off my shoes. Oops.

almost there  
the hashpoint  
coordinates reached  
two deer running (one is male)  
three other deer crossing the road  
lake near the hashpoint  
bus stop next to the hashfield  


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