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Globalhash on Wed 3 Feb 2016:
For the correct location, see  google osm crox


Somewhere in Poland

The globalhash was located in Quarter Siedlec, Village Pępowo, County Gostyń, Region Wielkopolskie, State Poland.



Ok, this is getting hilarious. 3rd possible globalhash in 8 month. At the moment we're still on the fence, because it's a 7 hour car trip - in one direction. We'll keep you posted ;)

Update by Micsnare (as a proxy!!) 22:07 (CET)

Guys, this is happening! The boys (B2c and Crankl) are on the road en route to Siedlec, Poland. They are currently traveling through Oatrava, Czech Republic hoping to reach Siedlec, Poland safe and sound around 1:22 am (CET) Sit tight for more updates!

Update by Micsnare (as a proxy!!) 00:16 February 3rd (CET)

The boys stopped for some fuel and oil because the hashcar is tired and hungry and needs a short break before the hash hunters continue their quest to the 3rd global hash!! Stay tuned for the next update -- will everything go smoothly? Will our crazy hash hunters be victorious?

Update by Micsnare (as a proxy!!) 01:05 February 3rd (CET)

Newsflash: our glorious hash hunters were successful and reached at exactly 01:05am the hashsite in a very dark and cold place, but safe and sound. That's the 3rd globalhash within 6 months 8 months. Sometimes you just gotta be patient, however this one was hard work. Lots of kilometers travelled....stay tuned for the real hashreport when our marvelous hash hunters set foot again in 48.16 That's it from my side. Adios, it's been a blast!


It was already around 5pm when NWoodruffs geohash notification service hit B2cs phone, alerting him of another globalhash. At first B2c wasn't too surprised as he had set the tool to alert him of any globalhash in a 1000km radius (which is pretty much everything from Rome via Paris to Stockholm and then far out to the east to Russia). At that time B2c was finishing up his daily business and was looking forward to a nice relaxed evening. Without expectations he checked the mail, to his surprise discovering that the globalhash was located around 400km to the north, as the crow flies. Which, after looking it up on google maps, meant a 635km car trip - to Poland. He tossed the phone over to Crankl, joking that there was more work ahead.

Crankl immediately took B2c up on that, proposing to take the next day off and go for a road trip. But B2c was reluctant, as he had meetings and maintenance work scheduled for the next day. Hoping Crankl would declare him a madmen letting him off the hook, he asked Crankl 'Why not go for it tonight? We'll be back in the morning...'. Oh boy, that was a complete fail. After brooding over it shortly, Crankl bit the bullet and agreed to go for it immediately. B2c also messaged Micsnare, but she was busy with uni and work but still agreed to help out with the report and would update the wiki as they went along. So they hastily made preparations for the trip, as they only had 14 hours before they had to be back at work in the morning - the exact number of hours it would take them to drive to the globalhash and back if you were to believe google maps. As they already were late they agreed to meet at 6:30pm at a local mall, pick up dinner and then head over to the hashmobile and start the trip. B2c also picked up a road tax sticker that was mandatory for Czech Republic, which they would traverse on their way to Poland.

When they finally hit the road at 7:30pm after filling up the car at a nearby gas station they still joked about letting the whole thing go, as it wasn't too late and no one could harass them for chickening out - no one but they themselves. Well, there you go. From there on, sadly, pretty much nothing noteworthy was happening the whole trip to Poland. It was just an endlessly long cruise on the motorway through the ever dark and somewhat rainy night. After leaving Austria the traffic quickly died down leaving them only dealing with mad truck drivers and the occasionally fellow night travellers on their way to nowhere. While B2c was making liberal use of the throttle trying to cut down on their ETA, Crankl was texting Micsnare every now and then. Thankfully she stayed up all night, updating the wiki and providing them with info on the weather situation, as they ran into some rainshowers and were fearing bad weather at the hashpoint.

Back when they had started the trip in Vienna they had anticipated to reach the hashpoint at around 2:30am, but when they finally pulled off of the last stretch of the motorway in Poland, taking their first break in hours, Micsnare told them that they were only another 100km away from the hashpoint, which roughly translated to another hour of driving if they could keep up their current pace. Which in turn meant, they had managed to cut the google maps prediction short nearly 90 minutes! Knowing that they resumed their travel, energy renewed. Although they now had to travel on federal roads, coping with construction sites and local traffic, they still managed to make decent way and arrived on a dirt track near the hashpoint at 1:05am. It took them a mere 5 minutes to stumble over meadows and muddy fields in the dark to the hashpoint, the biting cold wind cutting through them. But that meant nothing to them at that point - at 1:11am they reached the globalhash, completing their globalhash hattrick. Two happy lunatics standing on a field somewhere in Poland in the middle of the night after a lenghty car trip, giggling like little children. Well, I guess that's the joy of geohashing, if there ever was one.

From there on they had to make it all the way back to Vienna in less than six hours so they wouldn't be late to work. B2c floored it while Crankl tried to keep them both awake. Blazing through Poland and the Czech Republic fatigue got to both of them, making the return trip even more of a challenge. At the Czech-Austrian border they nearly ran out of gas as B2c underestimated the hashmobile's thirst, leaving them with less than 2 litres in the tank when they finally pulled over at a gas station. Taking their last sips of tea and going through some sweets they waited eagerly for the gas pump to fill up the car. Back in Austria they managed to get back to Vienna just in time, parking the car at 6:30am which left them exactly enough time to get back to the company and show up for work like nothing happened ;)

  • Author's personal note:

Oh man that was really insane. Even more insane than that insane time-traveller with Micsnare. Someone should've stepped in and said 'Nope, you're not gonna do it, go home and forget about it, you dumb *****!'. I'm still tired now as I write this report, so I leave it like that. Sorry for all the typos, bad grammar and whatnot, hopefully you still enjoyed it.

Yours truly,



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Crankl earned the Globalhash achievement
by reaching the globalhash for 2016-02-03.
2015-02-03 global gps1.png
B2c earned the Globalhash achievement
by reaching the globalhash for 2016-02-03.
2015-02-03 global gps1.png

Honorable mentions and gratuitous achievements[edit]

Crankl earned the Insomniac Achievement
by not sleeping the whole day, because of work, to reach the global hash at night, to be able to go to work the next day! (51, 17) geohash on 2016-02-03.