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Sat 30 Jan 2016 in 50,11:
50.9269868, 11.5378281

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On the western edge of Jena, in the forest (Forst) near the top of Paulsberg, conveniently located on a path that Googlemaps knows but which, sadly, doesn't actually exist.



Another Saturday Geohash that would be too close to miss - near our regular weekend jogging route, but I preferred cycling in the morning and then my legs were tired and so I walked there. I knew the way pretty well and the forest was almost dry and pretty light and so it was no problem to reach the point, even without a path. Took the shortcut home and was back after a little more than 1h/5.5km.


On my way to the Geohash :)  
Bench at Kahles Höhe (viewpoint): "If not forever, then at least eternally"  
Still on my way :(  
Found it!  
Tux and Karl enjoying the stormy weather.  
Marked the spot, though I'm probably the only one today.