2016-01-25 62 24

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Mon 25 Jan 2016 in 62,24:
62.2791467, 24.8037955

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In Ruokosjärvi, Keuruu. The point lies in a frozen-up lake.



Our parking spot on a field near the shore. The next vehicle sticking out from the tailgate.

The year 2016 so far had been spent in our family mostly enduring illnesses. Flue, influenza, bronchitis, otitis, you name it. What made matters worse was the -28°C temperature outside. So for three weeks we barely ventured outside. This weekend, at last, temperature rose quickly to near zero and me and my daughter were healthy enough for a little hash-trip. Mrs. Tilley was still ill.

Today's hashpoint was some 8 km away from us as birds fly, along nice small roads. I had memorized (or so I thought) the route beforehand and didn't bring a map, it was supposed to be an easy one. However, I had a misconception about the first intersection, so we were at a wrong route right from the start. We ended up in two dead-ends in logging roads before finding a shortcut back to the route where were supposed to take all along. Then we proceeded to the vicinity of the hashpoint, being able to get as close as 250 meters from the point.

View from the hashpoint towards our arrival route.

We then unloaded our secondary vehicle to carry the smaller member of our team for the rest of the way. With me powering the vehicle, we started trudging towards the hashpoint. There was only approximately 10 cm of snow on the ice of the lake, so it was actually pretty easy to walk. We quickly arrived on the spot, with an excellent GPS accuracy of 0,18 m. There was even a 0,00 m fix for a couple of seconds, but I wasn't fast enough to take a picture of it.

On the hashpoint the visibility was dropping a bit. There was a chilly wind and it was snowing quite hard snow crystals. So we didn't spend long in the hashpoint, just a couple of pictures, and then we started back the way we came.

Tilley and Daughter on the hashpoint. Tilley is wearing emergency ice spikes on his neck.

We then drove to Mrs. Tilley's parents place and spent the rest of the day there, hauling some wood from the forest.

Additional photos[edit]


Tilley and daughter earned the Walking on water geohash achievement
by reaching the (62, 24) water geohash on 2016-01-25 on foot. Yes, on foot.

Tilley and Daughter earned the Frozen Geohash Achievement
by reaching the (62, 24) geohash on 2016-01-25 while the temperature was -5°C.