2016-01-24 47 -122

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Sun 24 Jan 2016 in Seattle:
47.8970627, -122.2109631

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Near a Texaco station just north of Silver Lake in Everett.





Got a lot of housework taken care of on Sunday and figured I had time for a geohash. A short drive up the freeway to Everett deposited me just south of Silver Lake, which I circumvented to reach the hashpoint.

When I first opened up the droid, it found the hashpoint on the edge of the road, near the foundation of a light standard and just meters away from a coffee stand. I decorated the side of this with sidewalk chalk and snapped a picture.

Going for the wiki upload, the point was now a meter or so off the curb in the other direction - a relatively busy road. I snapped a selfie and proceeded to upload both.

Following this, I drove a short distance north (but out of visual range, so no pub award here) and had a pint while watching the last 10 suspenseful minutes of the AFC championship game (NFL).


My dad and I decided to drive up there. We concluded based on the satellite images that it was in the right-turn lane, so we passed through it in the car. Unfortunately it was too close to the intersection to drive through at 30 mph.

We also watched the end of the AFC Championship not long after hashing.