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2016-01-17 48 8 view geohash 4.jpg

Sun 17 Jan 2016 in 48,8:
48.5367424, 8.9107625

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Reusten, Germany



This one is near to a nice area (German wiki has pictures) where I wasn't before. I'll cycle there in the morning starting around 10:00, so I'll arrive around 11:00. If it's too stormy and snowy in the morning, I might not attempt it.

Hopefully the valley is nice in winter, too :)


tl;dr: Why the f*** did I do this?

The start[edit]

I was lazy in the morning and slept until 10am. So the original plans was already skewed, but hey, I expect noone to go to this hash anyway so I don't need to be on time. Furthermore, it was snowing quite strongly at 10am, so actually I ate something and left at around 12:15. The streets in Tuebingen and until Pfaeffingen were ploughed, and nothing spectacular happened the first 10km or so until Poltringen.

The way to the geohash[edit]

At the end of Poltringen, I turned left at the church and the minor road immediately was covered with 3cm snow, noone ploughs this one. Ok, no problem, I have quite new tires, it should be possible to go further. Some 100m later, I was not able to climb the hill any further by cycling, because my backtire had no traction anymore and I was actually standing still will cycling.

To make things worse, the weather changed each 5min between one of the both: Either it was snowing, cold and windy or else the sun came out and my eyes were hurting, because I forgot to bring sunglasses and the snow was reflecting the sunlight.

The rest of the way to the geohash was like this, and some time later, the inevitable happened (altough I was driving only like 3km/h):

I mainly had to walk most the remaining way because of ice and snow. Half an hour or so later I arrived at the stupidy distance:

At the geohash, I took the obligatory photos:

The way back[edit]

On the way back I thought that it is a much better idea to cycle down to Reusten, because this street is ploughed. I even spotted some deer crossing the street 10 metres before me:

Unfortunately this would have only been a good idea if not somewhere in the "Hailfinger Str." my back tire suddenly went flat... Damn, not again, just had fixed the flat front tire two days ago and I don't have any repair-stuff with me :(

Ok, how do I get back to Tuebingen? Take the bus? No way on a sunday from Reusten. So I actually decided to walk a few kilometers back to Pfaeffingen, where I just wanted to take the train back to Tuebingen.

Luckily, while walking back, I had written Ben (the drag-along from 2015-11-28 48 9) about my failure and as he was near to Pfaeffingen anyway, he picked me up at the station in Pfaeffingen and drove me and my bicycle back home. Thx!

After all, I left at 12:15 and arrived at 15:15 back home.


Klaus earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (48, 8) geohash on 2016-01-17.
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by cycling 19km to and from the (48, 8) geohash on 2016-01-17.
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by attempting to reach 24 hashpoints on 2016-01-17 48 8 and is promoted to Level 4 (Expeditions).