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Sat 16 Jan 2016 in 60,22:
60.5212689, 22.4820224

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Very close to hedgefence in the left at the address Risukarhikuja 8, 21420 Lieto [1] In the final frontier of the residential area of new family houses.

Turku 2016-01-16 60 22 Panorama.jpeg

Current Google street view [2] is from the August 2009 - time before the building of the houses.

Turku 2016-01-16 60 22 GStreetview.jpeg


There was only me PPP (talk) 13:32, 16 January 2016 (EST) and the local male habitant from the Risukarhinkuja 6 whom I congratulated for archiving Couch Potato Geohash honorable mention and talked a while about geohashing.


Checked friday evening what there is to do during the overnighter at Turku. I'm not that much interested in geocaching nowadays so I checked also where the hashpoint was. Luckily for me as I am bit lazy it seemed to be in the road. What more plans do you really need?


Left home around 10 at Helsinki. Highway 1 was in good winter condition - No snow but little icy in some places. We arrived to Turku around 13 o'clock after 181 km - Had to make a pitstop for fuel at the Salo.

After I left my significant other to hotel it was easy drive of 22 km to location was guided by my faithfull GPS. Although I have lived and worked in the past at Turku I cannot go anywhere without guidance.

I could have reached the location without leaving my car, but I wanted to have better signal to my phone's GPS so I leaved the car.

After some 10 or few more steps I was in the area according "Geohash droid" which I use - see the screenshot below how far it was from the hotel.

2016-01-16 60 22 PPP 1452970359028.jpg

Weather was fine little cold, but no wind. EFTU 161120Z AUTO VRB01KT 9999 FEW047/// BKN059/// M12/M13 Q1012 R08/490195

Sun was shining momentarily and formed nice circle halos in the ice cristals. - No I didn't get any picture of those.