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2016-01-12 46 7 werkgasse.jpg

Tue 12 Jan 2016 in 46,7:
46.9437182, 7.4009316

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A residential street in Bern.




Crox plans to pass by, probably after 17:00


  1. IC from Zurich 32 leaving 4.32 pm.
  2. S6 from Berne 13A leaving 5.36 pm.
  3. Arrive at Europaplatz at 5.38 pm.
  4. Walk.



Prevented by unplanned events.


It had been some time since the towering rail bridge had been finished, and after Calamus had been sticking to the windows the first few times he'd passed over it in the train to Berne to enjoy the view that, along with the capacity increase, justified every single franc that had gone into it, he now sat unimpressed, staring at his work while he was quickly brought to Berne. It was his first expedition in eight months, but the sheer opportunity of this ridiculously well accessible hashpoint had been enough to bring him back.

Since it had been raining non-stop for a few days in the whole country, Calamus wouldn't have been surprised if the town had been flooded, but to his surprise, there wasn't any rain at all. He quickly reached the alley. He knew it well -- some friends of his lived there, but like many other diplomats, they had been relocated to Brussels to contain the damage caused by a recent questionable decision by the Popular Sovereign, so they weren't around. And of course, Calamus hadn't ever taken a picture in the alley, so no Déjà vu badge either.

It would have been easy to find the spot in the alley, if not for the fact that Berne consisted of houses, and houses are terrible for satellite reception. This would have been a great opportunity for a No Batteries Geohash, but Calamus hadn't noted the exact address. After running back and fro through the alley for half an hour, fate decided to give him a jumpy GPS signal which sufficed to pinpoint the spot in the receiver's precision range. He took his pictures and walked back to Berne.