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Geohash 2015-12-31 -36 146 06 Hash.JPG

Thu 31 Dec 2015 in -36,146:
-36.4139590, 146.4243446

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In a field next to the Ovens River, near Wangaratta in Victoria's North.


Expedition - Felix Dance[edit]

Still ensmugging over our earlier triumph on the hashfield with our victory on the 2015-12-28 -37 147 geohash from a few days ago, I awoke in the anomalously uninspiring town of Myrtleford on the inside of our tent with my thumb on my phone to discover that that day's geohash was, in fact, also accessible. However, we had a train to catch at 1:41pm that would allow us all to attend our respective New Year's Eve parties... could we make it? (Spoiler Alert: Yes).

The renewed and regenerated cycle touring group, now also comprising Tom, Miriam and Ellen, but losing Rhonda, Matt and Lachie, set off along the easy-graded rail trail towards the hash-point. At Everton we split up over milkshakes, with the women-folk electing to proceed as per rail-trail while the men sortied out hashwards with square-jawed adventuresomeness.

Counting down kilometres like an undeactivateable timed nuclear device we soon departed the bitumen and proceeded dirt-wise to the hash-road perigee. Seeing that the hash was near a farmhouse with active residents, we clambered along the banks of the Ovens River (technically not trespassing due to the 20m Crown Land River Rule I'd read about in my brain somewhere). However, as we jumped up into the field we were spotted. We sent out Tom to sweet-talk his way to the hash, as are his charms.

With the residents' blessings we were hashing, taking photos and stomping around getting the best readings. And soon we were on our way back, stopping only to cool off Steve in the river and rendezvous with our rail-trailing women-folk. A cafe at the station saw us through to our train's departure time, of which we had plenty.

Here is the route of our trip.



Felix Dance, Stevage and Tom earned the Bicycle geohash achievement
by cycling 49.7 kms to and from the (-36, 146) geohash on 2015-12-31.
Geohash 2015-12-31 -36 146 01 Road.JPG
Felix Dance, Stevage and Tom earned the Ambassador achievement
by obtaining permission from farm people to access the (-36, 146) geohash on 2015-12-31.
Geohash 2015-12-31 -36 146 05 Field.JPG