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Fri 27 Nov 2015 in 51,12:
51.1489697, 12.7835055

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The geohash is on a field at Zschetzsch near Grimma.

Who Went[edit]

The Expedition[edit]



The four preceding years, I went geohashing on my birthday, and this year I wanted to go as well. I had two graticules to choose, I selected that one with least chance of failure. Yeah, I know, un-challenging but I don't want a failure on a day like this ;-)

I went by car, because in the afternoon my sister and my brother-in-law wanted to come with my new-born niece. Things had to be done quickly. I drove along the autobahn to Dresden, first through fog, later with sunshine, and left near Grimma heading to Colditz.

Before reaching Colditz at the entrance to Zschetzsch, there was a parking lot. From there, it was about 800m to walk. I walked through the village and arrived at the field, where the geohash was located. Like last year I brought some plastic bags to cover my shoes while I walked across the harvested and muddy corn field.

At the geohash I took the usual photographs, had a small rest and walked back to my car; taking more photos on my way.

Then, I drove back the same way as it was the fastest one possible. Finally, I had coffee and cake with my family. Every birthday should be similar to this one.




TheOneRing earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (51, 12) geohash on 2015-11-27.
TheOneRing earned the Birthday Geohash Achievement
by reaching the (51, 12) geohash on his 33rd birthday, 2015-11-27.