2015-11-16 51 3

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Mon 16 Nov 2015 in 51,3:
51.0892074, 3.6168289

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On a field in Lo, near the Lostraat.


Tom Van Braeckel


Arrive at the location around 17:50h local time, look around, clean up trash (if there is any) and take a picture with GPS info in it.


I arrived at 17:50h, as planned. What I didn't plan for was that it was going to be completely dark by that time. The location was in the middle of a few farming fields, with no form of lighting whatsoever. I used my phone's camera LED as a flashlight, and luckily its battery didn't die during the longer-than-expected walk to the location of the hash.

It had been raining that day, and I realized that the only way to reach the location with (relatively) dry feet was to walk over a pathway called "wandelweg" that makes a circle around the fields and ends up close to the location. Quite a detour, but okay.

After around 800m, coming to the last part, I had to go off this "wandelweg" and walk through a grassy pathway on my right hand side. Remember, it was pitch dark. After walking about 100m, the grassy field disappeared between a few trees, and I decided this was close enough to the hashpoint to start heading back.

Being out in pitch black darkness, on unknown territory, between muddy fields in the middle of nowhere is not something I would recommend. This was my first hash, and I'll remember next time to go when it is light outside and to wear rubber boots if necessary ;-)

All in all, I'm glad to have gone on this geohash. On to the next one!




Tom Van Braeckel earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (51, 3) geohash on 2015-11-16.
2015-11-16 51 3 location.jpg