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Sun 15 Nov 2015 in 49,8:
49.7606843, 8.6327538

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Near the Schuldorf (school village) between Seeheim and Jugenheim.



DODO: I will try to go there on my bull. I hope, I can start around 1 pm, and I'll need almost two and a half hours. I can't wait to long as I want to ride back before dark.

Q-Owl & Q-Owla: Dodo informed us by mail (thank you!), that the hashpoint is near to our home, but we were in the Palatinate Forest to find some geocaches along the "Bürstenbinder Power Trail" (GC548JH #01 to #31). Sorry, that we could not meet DODO and/or offer him coffee and cookies. But we had in mind to visit the hashpoint after our return.


DODO: Well, this was my 100th expedition, and so it was a special one for me. It was a little bit risky, as I wasn't sure wether there is free access to the schools or not. But the weather was fine, mostly sunny with a strong wind from south-west, what was quite convenient as the hashpoint was in the north-east.So the first part of the journey was pretty easy and I saw many animals, a pheasant, a magpie, some buzzards and jaybirds, several horses, two donkeys and many dogs of course. After two hours I got pretty exhausted and hungry. Nevertheless, I didn't want to stop before the hash and so I continued riding. That the only incline of the tour was just now was not helping. But I still continued and reached the schools at 15:20.

I locked the bull down at the road, because it came to my mind that a tron could still be possible. A path was going into the direction of the hash and it brought me 16 m to the hash. But there was a fence stopping me from coming closer. I decided to try it from the other side, walked back to my bull and followed a road, that brought me directly to the school. The schoolyard was open and I could come in, but the hash wasn't in the schoolyard but seems to be in the garden of the caretaker (at least I assume that the house next to the school is the caretakers home). What a pity: I rode almost 70 kilometers on my hundredth expedition just to be stopped by a garden fence. There was a gap in the hedge and I was shortly tempted to enter but it was to obvious private ground. I decided to try it again from the other side. Maybe the hash is merciful close to the fence. So I went back to the backside of the garden, walked around it and found a path into the forest next to the fence. Some kitties were playing there but didn't want to be petted, so even this achievement was lost. I got out of the forest on the backside of the school and the hash was now pretty close- but the fence was also. I went in the hashs direction slowly and got closer and closer, 7m, 6, 5,4 - Stopp. I could almost grab it but the hash stays unreachable behind the fence.

So I decided to give up, making my hundredth expedition my 13th success for the posted achievement. I didn't want to go back through the forest and walked around the schoolhouse and the caretakers lodging. And then I saw a woman working in the garden. Usually, I'm to shy to trouble people, but this was my chance to make a brand-new achievement on this special expedition. So I asked her, if I could come into her garden, walk close to the fence, take a picture and leave again, well all the internet game story. She wants to allow me to come in as far as she now stands. But that would still be 10m at least. So I told her that I had to go further, and she said that she had to ask her husband. A minute later the husband came out and I told tho whole story again. So, why to, he crumbled, and let me in. I hurried to the point, got even a 0, took two fast pictures, and that was it. They didn't want me to take pictures from themselves or of their garden, so they won't get famous. But they let me in.

And then history shows for a second. As I wanted to leave and waved my goodbye, the man told me, that his son was in Paris last week and was dancing in the concert hall the terrorists attacked the day before yesterday. But then history was over and I left two people wondering about how strange the world is (probably more confused about a stranger who wants to walk into their garden than by anything else).

I wanted to ride back to Mannheim and take the train home from there, so I still had to go 40 KM. And now the wind came from the front. And I was still hungry. So when I reached Lorsch (with its world cultural heritage Königshalle), I stopped for some cake and a beer. Unfortunately the cafe was complete, but there were some tables outside with a view to the Königshalle. It is absolutely unusual that you can sit outside in Germany in November but this year November is extremely warm (it was around 15 °C at 16:30). After some great cake I had to hurry, because it was already getting dark. I reached the station in Mannheim at 17:33. That was a little late, as the train to Speyer should leave at 17:31, but the train was 15 minutes late, and so I reached home again at 18:15.

Q-Owl & Q-Owla: We reached the Schuldorf about 18:50, but we did not want to disturb and ask the caretaker in the darkness. So we did not reach this hashpoint, but we earned the "no trespassing consolation prize" for the first time. ;-)


108 KM bullriding and 21 KM by train


Q-Owl & Q-Owla:


DODO earned the Ambassador achievement
by obtaining permission to access the (49, 8) geohash on 2015-11-15.
DODO earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (49, 8) geohash on 2015-11-15.
DODO earned the Tron achievement
by reaching and returning from the (49, 8) geohash without crossing his own tracks on 2015-11-15.

Q-Owl and Q-Owla earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost (12m) reaching the (49, 8) geohash on 2016-01-16.