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Mon 9 Nov 2015 in 47,8:
47.9490449, 8.5062550

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Donaueschingen, Germany. On an island in a pond in the Fürstlich Fürstembergischer Park. Public footpath is only a few meters off position.



After university, take the train from Offenburg to Donaueschingen (73 mins). Plenty of time to walk through the park to reach the geohash at 4pm local time. Sadly, museums are closed on mondays, I will have to spend my time differently.

EDIT: Change of plans. I will go for a hike afterwards, so I have to come erlier: 1:25 pm. RecentlyChanged, Great that you are thinking about it. This is my first hash, it seems like a fun passtime.

EDIT2: I meant 1:25 pm at the pond. Sunset is early, so I have to catch the train onwards at 1:50. Maybe we will meet at another hash. Good luck crossing the lake!

RC is thinking about it. It is an amazing location and another Hasher is going too! What a great opportunity. Sadly not sure yet.

EDIT: If the weather stays like it is now I will be able to make the hash, but the earliest possible time ist around 3 pm. StormyFrett, did you mean 1:25pm as starting time or meeting time? I think about reaching the hash by taking with me my rubber boots and/or just getting really wet. I don't know yet, maybe I can jump the lake? I don't know. Hopefully it won't be forbidden to go there. I'm going to respect a no trespassing sign.

EDIT3: Good Luck and a lot of fun!


I'm out there, hunting dragons. Will post here tomorrow.

RecentlyChanged: I didn't even leave the house. There where to much things to do at home and I did not want to cross the lake at night.