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Back to the Future Retrohash[edit]

If you're planning to do a Back to the Future retrohash, which can only be done today, please read the talk page.

You can find a list of the Back to the Future expeditions in Category:Back_to_the_future.


West of -30°: .4490256, .2378859
East of -30°: .6120927, .7183627
Globalhash: 20.176677257729, 78.610572622944 (GeoNames)

Photo Gallery

Expeditions and Plans

Córdoba, Argentina Onicofago Landfill in the southern part of the city. Córdoba, Argentina
Spokane, Washington Thomcat In the churchyard beside the Mt. Hope cemetery.
Cambridge, United Kingdom Sourcerer 2) South of a wind farm south east of Swaffham, Norfolk, UK.
Norwich, United Kingdom Sourcerer 1) In the car park of Great Yarmouth Asda supermarket, Norfolk, UK.
Hannover, Germany Fippe located on a field in Sprockhof.

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