2015-10-19 -12 131

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Mon 19 Oct 2015 in -12,131:
-12.5751203, 131.0535245

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Inside a peach orchard near Humpty Doo.



I noticed this hash on the weekend. The previous day, I'd gone on a longish 150km ride to Gunn Point and back, and was in the mood for some biking. So, the next morning, I got up at my usual time of 3:55am (I know, I know) and rode to the work bus stop in Palmerston an hour away. Having spent the day at work, I took the bus back to this bus stop, got on my bike and headed towards the hash.

Originally, I followed Google, but this seemed to direct me along the notorious Stuart Highway, so I took a detour through Howard Springs, which is much bigger than I'd realised, with massive plots full of rainforest for people to live in. Soon enough, I'd crossed the highway again and headed south to the hash, getting there just on sunset.

I tried to get as close to the point as I could, with about 5m being my closest approach - this despite hopping over the barbed-wire fence into the peach orchard there and spiralling into the exact place the hash was supposed to be. GPS reception must have been pretty crappy there. I took some photos and skedaddled.

The sun set on my ride home. I had dinner at MacDonald's back on the highway, then took the rail trail all the way into town. The first few kilometres was a really rough and sandy track that was hard to ride, and I was worried my bike light would run out early. But all was good. I got home and watched Rick and Morty from the Internet.

Here is the route I took.


Felix Dance earned the Bicycle geohash achievement
by cycling 76.2kms to and from the (-12, 131) geohash on 2015-10-19.
Geohash 2015-10-19 -12 131 01 Felix.JPG