2015-10-18 45 -122

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Sun 18 Oct 2015 in 45,-122:
45.5875861, -122.7583232

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In Cathedral Park, close to the Saint John's Bridge.



The original plan was, I would take the bus to the hashpoint and run ten or so miles home.


The night before the expedition, a plumbing problem flooded our basement and forced us to shut off water to the house. Running a long distance to arrive at a place with no running water is kind of problematic, so this turned into an expedition where I drove by the hashpoint on the way to shower and fill waterbottles at my parents' place.

Portland is sometimes called "Bridgetown" for its many bridges over the Willamette (correct pronunciation: will-LAM-mitt) River. The Saint John's is the northernmost and, by many people's thinking, the prettiest. Cathedral Park, under its eastern approaches, is named for the gothic arches that tower up to its deck.



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