2015-10-12 52 1

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Mon 12 Oct 2015 in Norwich, UK:
52.5133096, 1.1603769

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A farmyard in Tacolneston, Norfolk, UK. Surprisingly it was accessible. aboard.jets.puns




Expedition two of two spanning midnight - 2015-10-11 52 1 - 2015-10-12 52 1 - ETA 00:00.


There was space to park in a field entrance at the start of the public footpath. This was a grassy lane with a sweet corn crop on the left and woodland on the right. After the field, the path crossed the woods for a few metres. Then the public footpath veered to the right to rejoin the main road. My plan was to veer to the right about 60 metres too soon and if challenged by irate farmers in pyjamas, plead ignorance of the correct path which was true because I still have not found it.

There was a deep hole full of water which I managed not to fall into. This was big enough to accommodate a full sized fallen tree. Beyond the hole, there was a castle sized stack of compressed straw from the wheat or barley crops. These are used for animal bedding, burned as fuel and some are used as walls in new buildings. Once rendered and clad, this works well and the insulation is excellent. Then I got into the farm yard. This was quite far away from the houses so I risked zeroing the distance. There was an old land rover next to the hashpoint. I didn't want to lurk for too long so I grabbed a screen shot and departed, retracing my original route. I didn't pass any "no entry" signs or climb any gates or fences. As there was no livestock that sort of security was not needed.

Back in the car, I discovered that the access road was gated and closed so my approach from the back was the correct plan.



Sourcerer earned the Midnight Geohash achievement
by reaching the (52, 1) geohash on 2015-10-12 in the middle of the night.

Expeditions and Plans

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Norwich, United Kingdom Sourcerer A farmyard in Tacolneston, Norfolk, UK. Surprisingly it was accessible. aboard.jets.puns...

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