2015-10-09 51 13

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Fri 9 Oct 2015 in 51,13:
51.0049153, 13.3013955

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Today's location is on or next to a small road near a subdivision of Großschirma, not far from the Autobahn A4.

Country: Germany; State: Sachsen; District: Mittelsachsen.




I was on my way back from a training in Zwickau. This hashpoint was not far from the Autobahn, which I left at the Berbersdorf exit. Two exits earlier would have been much better, because there was a traffic jam. I drove along small and not-so-small country roads through Goßberg and Reichenbach, before I turned into the small road that went to the hashpoint. I stopped the car on a small patch of grass about 10 meters from the hashpoint, next to a small creek. Reaching the spot was not easy because it kept evading me. I reached the coordinates a bit north of the road, about 2 meters in the underbrush. Only a short bit later it was one meter south of the road.

Not staying long, I hopped back into the car and started to drive back along the road. When I drove alongside a cow pasture, all the cows came towards me, so I stopped again and petted the one that came nearest to the fence. I would have stayed longer, but there was a car coming down the road behind me and I didn't want to block the narrow road. Only a short while later I was back on the Autobahn, driving to Dresden.

Somehow my camera was set to a fixed ISO-100 setting, so the pictures are all a bit dark and blurred.


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