2015-10-03 48 8

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2015-10-04 48 8 turmberg.jpg

Sat 3 Oct 2015 in 48,8:
48.9958764, 8.4999272

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East of Karlsruhe and Durlach in Grötzingen. East of the "Turmberg", a hill in Durlach with a beautiful view.




It is not far and in a nice location near the Turmberg. Wheather should also be sunny. If somebody wants to join and doesn't know what to do afterwards, in there is an Oktoberfest in the HaDiKo, a dormatory where I just moved in. Maybe I might talk some new neighbours into joining me.


Went by bycicle in the evening, after 7 pm. Climbed the Turmberg, which was an ascent of about 140 m with an inclination of up to 13%. The view from up there was really beautiful, I like going there. Couldn't reach the exact geohash location, as a gate and a fence seperated me from it. I got 20 m close. I guessed that this might happen. If it were a faraway geohash, it would have been a pity, but it was a nice bike ride of 10 km (there and back another 10 km), so it was totally worth it.