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Fri 2 Oct 2015 in 50,11:
50.8047938, 11.7165093

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A long, long time ago, I can still remember ... there was a thing called geohashing. Today Juja asked me, whether I would join her visiting the hashpoint. Perhaps she expected an answer like “Sorry I have to bake some cake.”, but surprise, surprise my answer was “Yes, I will do so.” And indeed I thought the time has come to do another hash trip together.

So we met after work at the fountain in Paradise and cycled via Stadtroda, Geisenhain to Meusebach. On our way there was a large audience, all interested in today’s hashpoint expedition. There were fawns, sheep and fleecy I-don’t-know-what-they-ares. In Meusebach we left the road and entered a dirt road, leading directly to the point, at least this was Google map’s opinion about that way. There was a farmer beside, who had a different opinion: “Hey guys, turn around, you are wrong. This way leads to nothing” he shouted. We on the other hand thought: “Leads to nothing? Sounds good. That’s where we want to go to.”

So we walked on, crossed two (small) wire fences, climbed up a hill and then decided to leave our bikes here, since only pushing it all the way makes completely no sense. After that we climbed up the next hill, made our way through a lot of brushwood to find a nearly perfect road on the plateau. But nobody knows where it came from and where it goes to. We hoped it would lead to the point, because on Google maps there was such a way. But wrong once again. The perfect road vanished in the distance and we found ourselves back in perfect brushwood. This time hill down.

But gently the distance shown on the GPS devices became smaller, in the same way the number of mushrooms collected by Juja became larger. And finally we reached the point, took some photos of proof and went back, hill up, hill down while the sun set. Back in Meusebach, the farmer still working asked : ”And did you find your target?” “Of course we did” were our words of goodbye to today’s expedition.

Photos by Jens[edit]

The Audience, Part 1: ...  
... fawns,  
courious fawns.  
The Audience, Part 2: ...  
whaterver it is.  
The Audience, Part 3: ...  
some sheep.  
Juja, entering the forest.  
Räbe, Benjy and Frankie at the point.  
It's getting dark, time to go home.  

Photos by Juja[edit]

Autumn expedition...  
...to the "village without sparrows" - what?!  
Pumpkin collection in Meusebach.  
Way up to the point.  
Way down to the point.  
Jens doing the documentation.  
Made it!  
My helmet a.k.a. mushroom basket.