2015-09-25 52 1

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Fri 25 Sep 2015 in Norwich, UK:
52.7347029, 1.4062617

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In a field east of Belaugh Green and the railway close to the Wroxham Barns craft centre, Norfolk, UK.




This can't be paired with Saturday. It's in the sea and the Cambridge point is in completely the opposite direction. Should I be nervous? Do disasters really come in threes? I have been stopped by the police and failed on 2015-09-16 52 1 because I was in hospital in the acute coronary unit. Oh well - keep calm and carry on!


There have been eight consecutive sea hashpoints - probability 0.0012 - 1 in over 800 chance. Norwich is not a happy graticule this month! Perhaps that was the third disaster.

This was an easy expedition. There was a pleasant drive in the sunset and later moonlight. There was convenient concrete hard standing to park beside the railway crossing. The field entrance was flooded but there was a dry route through. The wheat or barley stubble was easy to cross. A wide field margin had been planted with seed bearing weeds, presumably to encourage bird life. The hashpoint was close to the boundary between the stubble and the seedy field margin. There was no 3G coverage at this hashpoint.

If anyone is following my health saga, I nearly passed out yesterday and was re-admitted to the emergency unit after another ambulance ride. This time things were better. After a bunch of tests and questions, the doctors decided to take me off the beta blocker tablets because my heart rate was dropping too low. That's good news because it looks as though I'm fine without them. It also explains why I've been floating around in a light headed daze all week. As I flushed the drug out of my system I have improved steadily and today I feel more or less back to normal but not quite ready for the beer test!



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