2015-09-25 46 -122

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2015-09-25 46 -122 church.JPG

Fri 25 Sep 2015 in 46,-122:
46.2603419, -122.8930985

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On the lot of "The Rock Church" in Castle Rock.



Late September is the time of year at my work where, if you don't use your vacation time, you lose it, so what better way to while away an autumn day than the great sport of geohashing. I drove north through steady rains into the state of Washington, took the Castle Rock exit, and ducked into the parking lot of "The Rock Church." That sounds like a classic rock radio station to me, but of course it's a house of worship, so this one was a holy hash. I took a few pictures, then headed to a local wifi connection point to file this report.



Michael5000 earned the Holy hash achievement
by reaching the sacred (46, -122) location, which is The Rock Church, on 2015-09-25.
2015-09-25 46 -122 church.JPG