2015-09-22 52 5

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Tue 22 Sep 2015 in 52,5:
52.3146090, 5.7726424

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On the Elspeetsche Heide


JwB (talk)



First dropped my 12 yr old daugther and 3 of her friends off at the school camp for her new high-school. Then it was some 15 kms from there, so I drove up to the parking spot close to the hash, and from there walked into the natural park that contains today's 52 5 hash. Nice stroll, birds of prey screaming in the forest. Mushrooms (cantharell, cep!) that on this beautiful day after the rains grow like ... well mushrooms. Harvest a little, and let the rest grow. Then across the moor, up to the hash. Easy to get spot on. Return.