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Sat 29 Aug 2015 in 50,8:
50.0895303, 8.6387050

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The hash lies in Frankfurt am Main, Niederräder Ufer, next to Mainfeldstraße.


GeorgDerReisende, DODO


Try to make a xkcd-meetup.


Georgs Expedition[edit]

2015-08-29 50 8 GeorgDerReisende 1451.jpg 2015-08-29 50 8 GeorgDerReisende 1454.jpg I left home at 8:15, and started to hitchhike at 9:00 at my usual place. But it was some fog and most of the people looked unfriendly. After an hour I decided to try the sliproad at the Auestadion. There I waited less than 15 minutes. With three cars I arrived at Frankfurt-Riedstadt at 14:23. With the bus 29, the trams U2 and 15 I arrived at 15:40 at the Haardtwaldplatz. Then I walked along Haardtwaldstraße and Niederräder Ufer to the hash.
2015-08-29 50 8 GeorgDerReisende 1455.jpg 2015-08-29 50 8 GeorgDerReisende 1456.jpg I found the site and while I looked for the exact place I found a hashmark! Another geohasher was here! But who?
2015-08-29 50 8 GeorgDerReisende 1457.jpg The hash lay in the middle of the street, about fourty centimeters away from the dashed line.

And I looked around:
2015-08-29 50 8 GeorgDerReisende 1462.jpg to the north, into Mainfeldstraße 2015-08-29 50 8 GeorgDerReisende 1463.jpg to the west, along Niederräder Ufer 2015-08-29 50 8 GeorgDerReisende 1464.jpg to the east, same street
2015-08-29 50 8 GeorgDerReisende 1465.jpg GeorgDerReisende 2015-08-29 50 8 GeorgDerReisende 1469.jpg view to the south 2015-08-29 50 8 GeorgDerReisende 1470.jpg I wrote my own mark.
2015-08-29 50 8 GeorgDerReisende 1563.jpg 2015-08-29 50 8 GeorgDerReisende 1565.jpg After a walk through the Europaviertel I wanted to hitchhike from a petrol station, but it was closed, so I changed to the Messekreisel, started to hitchhike at 20:00, within seconds a car stopped and I got a lift to Kassel and arrived at home at 22:45.

DODOs expedition[edit]

Ladies big daughter is moving to Halle(Saale) this weekend and so the lady and I had to drive there (and bring her a lot of things). The lady isn't in geohashing but this opportunity was just to close and to easy to reach. And so we left the highway in Frankfurt-Niederrad, drove 3 KM along the Main, turn left, parked the car, walked 60 m took some pictures, walked back and continued our journey.All in all it didn't take more than 20 minutes. I knew that Georg couldn't be there that early, so I did not even try to make plans, especially as I had no idea when we would arrive there (it has been at 11 o'clock). At least I left a mark, so Georg would know that someone has been there.




GeorgDerReisende earned the xkcd Viginturion achievement
by attending 26 Saturday meetups.
GeorgDerReisende earned the XKCD-100 Achievement
by voyaging 190km/118mi to reach the (50, 8) geohash on 2015-08-29.

DODO earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (50, 8) geohash on 2015-08-29.

I thought about claiming a drag-along, but the lady had heard of geohashing, knows the concept, and - strange enough - doesn't want to take part.