2015-08-22 -12 130

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Sat 22 Aug 2015 in -12,130:
-12.6552329, 130.7231957

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Next to the Cox Peninsula Road west of Darwin and its harbour.



I discovered this geohash at work. My quest to finally get to Darwin's South East graticule had been to-date thwarted, and it looked like Sunday's location could have been feasible, but, it being a significant drive, and on the same day as a croc dissection Lucy was organising at Darwin Uni, I decided it wasn't worth it. This was my consolation prize.

Meeting Lucy in Palmerston after work, I was amazed to find that she was receptive to the idea of visiting the day's hash - in fact, she suggested it herself. So, with her enormous Newfoundland in the back (star of previous geohashes), we deviated from our path to the park and instead bee-lined for the hash - bypassing my own worksite along the way.

Stopping only for an iced coffee and diet coke, we zoomed along and soon were parking and alighting from the vehicle. After a bit of random wandering trying to get the GPS to show us at the point, and getting bitten by wildly coloured red ants, we were there. Photo taken and back in the car, we detoured from the route home to have dinner at Crab Claw Beach, south of Crocodile Island (which is where I think the photo below thinks it was taken - it was actually at the hash point, however, and we do have photos to prove it).


No tracklog, but this is a rough trace of our drive.