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Thu 20 Aug 2015 in Cambridge, UK:
52.0681111, 0.1780388

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A field in Ickleton, south Cambridgeshire, near a public footpath. The field may have been harvested by now, making access even easier.



Ben plans to make a quick visit during his lunch break, as he will only be a few villages away.


There wasn't much in the plan to go awry, so at about 1pm Ben duly arrived in Ickleton and parked in a residential road at the end of a public footpath which led to the field containing the hashpoint. The first part of the footpath led him between a back garden containing chickens and a large field containing a tent and a rope swing. Then Ben noticed the field at the end of the path was not harvested at all -- it contained sweetcorn plants. However, the good thing about sweetcorn is that generally they are planted in widely-spaced rows, allowing an intrepid hasher easy access to a hashpoint. This was indeed the case. After walking around the perimeter of the field to the nearest point abeam the geohash, Ben then picked his way carefully through the plants. The hashpoint turned out to be in an area of quite short plants -- indeed, many of them in this row hadn't grown at all. This gave him plenty of room to do the GPS dance, as the satellite fix refused to settle and the numbers jumped around between zero and three metres. Eventually he gave up and took a photo with the GPS showing just over a metre to go -- within the uncertainty circle, anyway. Then Ben made his way back along the rows of plants and down the footpath, and then drove back to work. A short, pleasant outing on a sunny afternoon.

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