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Thu 20 Aug 2015 in 48,8:
48.0681111, 8.1780388

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It's not far from home in the forest, between two tracks.



I will go there by bike. I will not look up the coordinates on my way I think I will make it without. Still I will take my phone with me to proof my location. I will try to make a tron out of the expedition.

And today I want to try something! If you want you can follow me live here: [1]. I don't know if it is interesting, funny or anything, but I want to try it. Hopefully it is entertaining for you, if not nothing is lost (except a lot of battery probably).


I went off at 3.30 pm. My body already rebelled after about 2 kilometres, that was really strange for me, because I usually drove that way in a much better shape a few years ago. But almost 3 years of not taking the bike (and living in a flat area) weakened my body. Not surprising, but sad. I have to go biking more the next half year.

I took the easiest way to the hash. Still I had to look up the position (against my plans) of the hash as I was about 60 metres away. I had to leave the bike (not my bike, my fathers, mine isn't in good shape either). Then I fought my way through a forest which was as badly mantained as I never saw before anywhere in our region. My mother later told me that that exact forest is the reason for a lot of trouble in the area. The owner doesn't care about bugs and diseases, so it's a source for exactly that in the whole area.

While walking/crouching/moving throuugh the forest I thought my GPS had a bug, because I constantly stayed about 70 metres from the hash (yes, even further than on the track). So I restarted it, but it still told me the same distance. I then gave up on the perfect proof, I thought I was good enough. But still I wanted to secure the tron so I walked a big bow around the area I already crossed. And suddenly I came into reach of the hash. I even captured one of the shortest distances on my proof ever! I did it!

I then completed the bow and went back (on the right side of the road) to my bike and went further up the hill. The track got worse and worse, but I could not turn around. And suddenly I got on a big road from where I knew the perfect and easy way home. And another way which would lead me back without crossing my own path...

So I took the second, more time and energy consuming, path and went home. After about two hours I was back home.