2015-08-16 45 -122

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Sun 16 Aug 2015 in 45,-122:
45.4949137, -122.9682920

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A planned community in south Hillsboro



Go by in the afternoon

Looks like it is inside a house, but it might be accessible if it is condos or apartments as I suspect.


Expedition zero[edit]

I wandered by on my way out in the morning, but got to the point where I had to abandon my car due to parking for residents only. At that point, I headed off for my morning stuff, to return in the evening

Expediton One[edit]

I went by in the afternoon on my way home. It was easy to park outside the condo complex, and then I walked in, where I found the hashpoint near the middle of a grassy area. I didn't wander off the path since I got to 15 feet staying on the sidewalk. I took a photo, but I think it is hopeless with the glare.



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