2015-08-13 52 -3

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2015-08-13 52 -3 DanceMyPuppets.jpg

Thu 13 Aug 2015 in 52,-3:
52.7419977, -3.8788615

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On a street! In a town! Which is accessible!



In keeping with Monday's hash, I have given my puppets parents their instructions. They haven't yet accepted their orders - but they will. The Internet commands it!

Thursday morning rolls in, and still no word from my puppets. I'm starting to think they don't take Geohashing seriously!


They did it! Dance, my pretties, dance!

My initial instructions consisted of a single text message:

You get to do tomorrow: it's in Dolgellau town centre. Go east from the very centre on Arran Road, take second big right after the river to be on Fron Serth. Hash is on the left side at the entrance to a little housing complex. 52* 44' 31.19" N -3* 52' 43.90" W. Good luck!

On arriving in Dolgellau, my puppets crossed and recrossed the bridge, looking in vain for road signs. It was only when they found a map displayed in the front window of a shop that they realised the truth: there were two bridges, and two rivers - and the Arran was the other one!

So they made their way down to the hash. They briefly thought that the cheerful young couple walking ahead of them were on the same mission - but apparently not (unless someone's not telling?). Having taken the requisite proof (you can see one of the houses seen on Google Street View in the photo), they headed back into town, where something none of us knew about was happening: Dolgellau market! My mother bought two very lovely tops, so thank you, Internet! It turns out going to random locations at the drop of a hat sometimes does give you new experiences. Who'd have thought it?