2015-08-13 40 -73

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Thu 13 Aug 2015 in 40,-73:
40.7630438, -73.8320610

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In the street in a very busy intersection in Flushing, Queens





Elias and Jack both noticed this one right away and posted excitedly to the facebook group about it. But arriving at the same time was going to be hard given their schedules, so they decided to mount separate expeditions.



After an excellent Groupmuse concert at an apartment on the east side of Manhattan, Jack set out on the subway for Flushing. He'd estimated 9:30pm at the hash, but the music and party went a lot later than he'd guessed, plus the 7 train sat in Grand Central for about 20 minutes because of a sick passenger on the train ahead, so he didn't reach Flushing Main St at the end of the line until 10:35.

He had a good half hour before the returning Long Island Railroad to Penn Station was due, so he took a leisurely stroll up Main St toward the hash. Flushing is the main Chinatown in Queens (in all of New York, really) and is very busy during the day, but at this hour it was unexpectedly quiet. Businesses were closing up; signs were in Chinese, English and Korean.

Jack took some pictures of all this, but he just discovered today while writing this up that they never uploaded to the cloud, and so were lost forever the next night when he got dunked in a swimming pool by people who didn't realize he had his pockets full. So you will have to trust him that he made the point.

The point was at the very end of Main St, where it intersected Northern Boulevard, in the very first few meters of the left-hand southbound traffic lane to be exact. This would have been a busy and hazardous spot for a pedestrian hours earlier, but at 10:45pm it was thankfully easy. The intersection had more Chinese and Korean businesses and also a cool-looking hotel that looked like a friendlier, smaller version of the company HQ from the movie Blade Runner.

On the walk back to the train Jack got hungry, luckily there was a guy selling hot fried chicken outside. He got a leg for $1 and ate it on the ride back to Penn Station. Wasn't bad!


20 minutes after Jack, Elias reached the hash in much more exciting fashion: "Made it to the hash point during my work tour on the ambulance, but I got dispatched to a call just as we were arriving! We did pass right by it again at about 11:55pm while transporting the patient to the hospital!" (from his facebook post.) And unlike Jack, his proof screenshot survived! Elias, feel free to add more details here if you find this...



Does Elipongo win the Cubicle achievement for getting this in the course of his job?? He didn't throw a party, but...!

OtherJack earned the Public transport geohash achievement
by reaching the (40, -73) geohash on 2015-08-13 via New York City Subway.