2015-08-12 37 -122

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Wed 12 Aug 2015 in 37,-122:
37.6471822, -122.4703702

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On the San Andreas Fault, in an open space on the South San Francisco/Pacifica border just east of Skyline Boulevard (Highway 35).




Almost none. I checked the day's hashpoint, and saw that it was reachable during lunch, and near a former jobsite of mine.


I left work and drive towards the site. I wandered around on foot looking for the exact point, and ended up climbing the ridge and wandering around before coming back to the clump of trees where the actual point was.

KMZ file of expedition at ​https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwMosRNdZnENdnV0U2pnM2g0SWc/view, including a detour to an old jobsite.