2015-08-06 50 8

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Thu 6 Aug 2015 in 50,8:
50.0400912, 8.7803015

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In the forest between Dietzenbach and Heusenstamm.


Tads (talk)


For the start of this tour I cycled to Darmstadt train station to catch the S-Bahn to Neu-Isenburg. From there it was just an 8km ride towards the hashpoint. In a distance of 80m from the location I went off my bike and did the hashdance towards the GPS coordinates. I suffered lots of scratches from the thorns on the forest floor but finally reached the coordinates. At the spot I created a wooden X and marked a tree with chalk as can be seen in the pictures.

The way back to Darmstadt I did on my bike. The weather forecast announced a sunny and hot day, and indeed it was like that. I was happy that about half of this tour went through forests where the shade was much more pleasing than the noon heat on the fields and streets. Still, I had to buy additional drinks along my way. In total I cycled about 47km, which was a great ride for this day.

Btw, this has been my first expedition in the 50,8 graticule.