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Tue 28 Jul 2015 in 47,16:
47.8838339, 16.2759987

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North of Wr. Neustadt in the middle of an old gravel pit. Looked like an impact crater to us ;)



This was another spontaneous expedition. After a long day at work, Crankl and B2c decided to take on their favorite adventure generator and head out of the hot, sticky city. Micsnare was still indisposed, so it was just the two of them this time around.


Out of a hunch they checked today's hashpoint and where intrigued by its look and the complete absence of any meaningful description on google maps. They quickly packed up their hashquipment and met at the hashcave around 6:30pm. As holiday season was in full effect and traffic was light, they were able to leave the city quickly via the A2 and reached the settlement 'Maria Theresia' north of Wiener Neustadt after about half an hour later. After overlooking several abandoned gravel pits they parked the car near the northernmost pit and started progressing towards the hashpoint. Although some signs prohibited access because of 'construction work' the hashers took the liberty of entering the completely empty and abandoned pit, do the dance, take some pictures, be liable for their children's actions and finally leave this forsaken place. Chalked up another one!

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