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Mon 27 Jul 2015 in Cambridge, UK:
52.8278308, 0.9195462

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In a field a few metres off a track, South east of Fakenham, Norfolk, UK.




Expedition two of two spanning midnight - 2015-07-26 51 1 - 2015-07-27 52 0 - ETA 00:00


The hashpoint was in a partly harvested barley field, possibly organic because there were no tractor tracks from crop spraying. It was tipping down with rain and the crop and rolls of straw were getting soaked. The weather is forecast to improve next month so perhaps not too much damage will have been done. Luckily the hashpoint was in the harvested area. I arrived a little late having made a detour to get fuel.



Sourcerer earned the Midnight Geohash achievement
by reaching the (52, 0) geohash on 2015-07-27 in the middle of the night.

Expeditions and Plans

Grand Rapids, Michigan Mcbaneg, katja field behind an irrigation business, Zeeland, MI, USA
Mannheim, Germany tads located on a field in Otzberg-Zipfen.
Cambridge, United Kingdom Sourcerer In a field a few metres off a track, South east of Fakenham, Norfolk, UK.
Kajaani, Finland Nebini In Puolanka, a few hundred meters from the road.

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Sourcerer's Expedition Links[edit]

2015-07-26 51 1 - 2015-07-27 52 0 - 2015-07-28 52 1 - KML file download of Sourcerer's expeditions for use with Google Earth.