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Fri 17 Jul 2015 in 48,8:
48.5124496, 8.0433368

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Near a small pass in the black forest.


RecentlyChanged (talk)


I wasn't really motivated the last few weeks. That's a bad thing I think, because it's a great sport. Still I am not motivated. So I create this page to have a reason to go. I will combine it with trying to get the points for the pass. I recently started to play the game on passknacker.com. There you get points for visiting mountain passes (is that the plural?) with your motorbike. That game would be another reason to get there.


I went on my way around 7 pm. But shortly after Ettlingen a horse was running on the street. I stopped my motorcycle and helped chasing the horse for about an hour till we got it. It was fun in some way. But to be honest, I already forgot the name of the woman which I helped. The horse was named Nadine, she said it over and over so it stayed in my mind.

To get home in time I ditched the idea of taking the Schwarzwaldhochstraße and took the autobahn, so I could give it a try to reach the hash. It was already getting dark the time I arrived near the hash and the track was closed for motorbikes and cars, so I gave up around 250 metres before I reached the hash. I wasn't motivated to walk the way, because I was really running late and it looked like it would possibly be raining. Still it felt good to go for a hash again.

I tried to play the other game too, but I wasn't able to get decent proof pictures (coordinates are not enough, you need your motorbike obviously at the right spot).



RecentlyChanged (talk) earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost (250 metres) reaching the (48, 8) geohash on 2015-07-17.