2015-07-08 52 1

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Wed 8 Jul 2015 in Norwich, UK:
52.4554961, 1.1906588

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Close to a public footpath south of Great Moulton, Norfolk, UK.




Expedition two of two spanning midnight - 2015-07-07 52 1 - 2015-07-08 52 1 - ETA 00:00.


There was concrete hard-standing; a useful place to park. The footpath headed west from this, crossing under 400kV supergrid power lines which fizzed with the electrostatic disturbance of the air. This farm was beautifully maintained. The footpaths were mown (not weed-killed) and very easy to follow. Later I had to cross a dry ditch using the back-side slide method. For once there were no nettles, brambles, thistles or raptors. Then I headed south, crossing under the power lines again, reaching the magic ten metre distance. There were no further obstructions apart from growing wheat so I chose not to zero my distance. At midnight (23:00 GMT / astronomical time) there was still dim daylight in the northern sky. England is quite close to the north pole really. I could see the great bear and pole star on my return walk. It was 15C with a dry cooling breeze.



Sourcerer earned the Midnight Geohash achievement
by reaching the (52, 1) geohash on 2015-07-08 in the middle of the night.

Expeditions and Plans

McMinnville, Oregon Jim Ag land off Bald Peak Road
München, Germany hans, Juja Not even 100 meters from a road near Aichach, Bavaria.
Norwich, United Kingdom Sourcerer Close to a public footpath south of Great Moulton, Norfolk, UK.

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