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Sat 4 Jul 2015 in Norwich, UK:
52.6883163, 1.0798258

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A roadside point at Hockering Heath, Norfolk, UK.




Go there during the day. Work around a birthday party I'm looking forward to.


This went to plan. I went to the afternoon party. There was a hog-roast. Nice! We sang happy birthday. A steel band played and later one of the family sang. That was too loud and it hurt my ears but the singing was good.

After the heat of the day I joined the departing guests and headed for the hashpoint. This was on the road. I never got out of the car. My photo said 5 metres but later the GPSr dropped to 2 metres. The network failed after I uploaded my text message so I uploaded the images from home which was 35 km from the point.



Expeditions and Plans

Aurora, Illinois Rookiek13, Kiamx By a tree in a Bolingbrook, IL Subdivision.
Seattle, Washington AeroIllini, , Trekkieyk, Thomcat Roadside park in Redmond; will also visit Nike Missile Site S-13/14.
Norwich, United Kingdom Sourcerer A roadside point at Hockering Heath, Norfolk, UK.

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