2015-06-25 50 12

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Thu 25 Jun 2015 in Chemnitz:
50.1365838, 12.0908543

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Today's location is in a wet meadow directly next to a small pond, near the river Eger/Ohře, near the hamlet Hendelhammer and the city Selb.

Country: Germany; state: Bayern (Bavaria, EU:DE:BY); administrative region: Oberfranken; district: Wunsiedel im Fichtelgebirge

Weather: Sunny, warm



On Friday and Saturday I had a training program in Regensburg. Since I also had compensatory time-off all week, I already went to Regensburg on Thursday instead of hurrying there on Friday morning. First I drove along the Autobahns A4 and A72 until I reached Bavaria. The normal route would be to change onto the A93 near Hof, but the interchange was closed and I had to make a detour that led me through Hof. At Selb I left the Autobahn and drove along the country road that ran alongside the Autobahn until I crossed the Eger, indicating that I was almost there. I parked the car on a track and walked along that track. There were many dragonflies, damselflies, butterflies and, as I realized too late to defend myself, horseflies. Soon I noticed that there was a long pond (or very slow-moving creek) between me and the hashpoint. I tried to circle around it, but it took me a while because it extended quite far and the meadows around it were wet and a bit swampy. Finally I succeeded and approached the hashpoint. It was only two or three steps away from the pond, but the ground was dry enough. I took many pictures of dragonflies and the nice area, then I started back towards the car. After about 10 meters I noticed that my GPS unit was no longer in my pocket. Fearing that I had lost it for good in the high grass I retraced my step and after a bit of searching found it again. Then I went back to the car. Only a few minutes later I was on the Autobahn again, continuing my journey to the 49 12 hashpoint.


Triton tracklog for both hashpoints