2015-06-11 47 -120

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2015-06-11 47 -120 PanoShot.jpg

Thu 11 Jun 2015 in Wenatchee:
47.6662210, -120.0056607

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A farmer's field near Waterville



Left work at 4, hoping to get to Leavenworth by 6 for a conference call. Didn't quite make it, so I stopped before the pass.

The Skykomish library has excellent wi-fi, so a Skype conference call went well. Business done for the day, I continued east to the geohash - arriving near sunset.

Drove through Waterville and then down airport road. The road leading to the geohash field was unimproved, aka dirt. I stopped at the widest spot in the road which was approximately west of the geohash.

The field was plowed but not yet planted, so I made my way across the soft earth to the (dry) creek and across to the actual point. No connectivity (of course), so I snapped pictures with my phone. Very pretty country here.

Finishing that, I tramped out along my incoming footsteps and continued further east to Spokane.