2015-06-11 41 -88

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Thu 11 Jun 2015 in 41,-88:
41.6662210, -88.0056607

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A backyard on Ridge road in Lemont, Il


Rookiek13 & Kiamx


Kiamx called me this morning asking if I was working because she checked the site and the hashpoint wasn't too far away. After driving over to collect her, the two of us set off. The hashpoint was located in someone's backyard in Lemont. Unfortunately, the homeowners weren't home, and we weren't comfortable trespassing to find the point. With great frowns of disappointment, we had no choice but to head out, hashpoint unclaimed.



Rookiek13 & Kiamx earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost reaching the (41, -88) geohash on 2015-06-11.