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Mon 8 Jun 2015 in 50,11:
50.8074184, 11.7902871

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About 50 meters next to a street between Weißbach and Karlsdorf, Thuringia.



Once again Geohashing was very useful in motivating me to move my ass despite the weather which was clearly not my favorite: milky white/grey sky, good chances of rain... but actually it was not too bad, it was still warm enough and anyway the weather can't get much worse than your attitude, can it?

So I started my expedition in the direction of Karlsdorf and, consequentially, Karl accompanied me in the backpack. This Geohash qualified for the "too close to miss" section but I have missed quite a lot of these already in the last few months, it was time I did something about that! Anyway I almost didn't notice when the rain started because the air just got wetter and wetter until there were drops, but I kept nice and warm and all was fine. When I reached the hashmeadow my feet were already completely wet so it didn't matter that the meadow was also pretty wet... Luckily, I also found a gap in the thick hedge that was fencing the forest and even the 0-meter-dance was successful; I just have no idea where that path should have been that Googlemaps claims to know. Anyway, found the hash, and on the way back even the rain was less bad (or maybe I just got used to it). And back in Jena there were even dry roads...


Yay, found the Geohash!  
View from the point.  
Braved some stinging nettles on the way.  
Karl on my bike, hasharea behind him.