2015-06-05 52 13

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Fri 5 Jun 2015 in 52,13:
52.3938772, 13.6864041

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The hash lay between the forest and the lake Seddinsee in Berlin-Müggelheim.




I was on a journey to a wedding nearby, so I tried to make another hash.


After visiting 2015-06-05 52 9, I hitchhiked from Garbsen to Berlin. I took some public transport and arrived at Berlin-Müggelheim. I walked into the direction of the hash and arrived at the lake. To the right there was a little beach, but to the left and to the hash, there was a fence between the path and the lake. I took this path and at the shortest distance I found 28 meters between me and the hash. The hash lay within the reed.