2015-06-02 47 -122

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Tue 2 Jun 2015 in Seattle:
47.2018495, -122.3649422

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On a driveway in the town of Summit-Waller, just south of Tacoma.



Tuesday was going to be a wasted day. I took the day off from work to take a load of rubbish to the dump, one of my school kids had late arrival, and a lot of ferrying people around was in order. The day also started poorly, "wrong side of the bed" and all that. What better way to lift my spirits than a geohash?

So, one kid delivered and one car empty (except for lingering fumes of some discarded chemical), I headed south. Rain threatened, which was worrying for the day's later activity, a Connie Mack baseball game. Nothing a geohasher couldn't handle, however.

GPS guidance system took me off the freeway and up a hill, past a sign for "Summit-Waller". Reading about it afterwards, I found it was originally part of the Puyallup reservation (which explains the Native American cemetery I drove past) and later parceled off into the town of Waller Road (not to be confused with Waller-Waller Warshington). I am unable to find more information on Summit, WA, but apparently the two townships merged into a joint tax base.

One main road leads up the hill and to the geohash, which I spotted easily. After I took a wrong turn, that is - car map and geohashdroid in rare disagreement. This first turn did lead me to a huge old tree.

Returning to the road, I went half a block up to the driveway in question, heavily occupied by other vehicles. The actual hashpoint was located between that driveway and a longer drive to a property behind, and the border was marked with a nice prickly bush. It was also now raining lightly. I parked on the street and found the hashpoint to be close enough to the bush, and I didn't have to wander amongst the many cars (a suspicious activity in the best of times).

Heading north again, I returned to my errands amidst heavy rain (at least in Tacoma). Fortunately this resulted in only light rain for the evening activities.